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Our Story...

Born in Ottawa, Maverick’s Donuts is a local company that values its roots. We work closely with other local companies because we believe in the importance of shopping and supporting small companies, just like ours.

A true love of donuts is what sparked the creative process behind the establishment of Maverick's Donut Company. The thought of offering fresh donuts made daily was the core principal behind our company's mission and one that we continue to actively pursue.

In a world where frozen foods can be found in abundance, we here at Maverick's believe that we should treat ourselves to a product that is made fresh and with dedication, just like in the good old days.

Our team thrives on offering unique flavours intended to enhance the customer's donut experience. In order to achieve this, our amazing team of bakers is continuously at work, in an enthusiastic fashion, in search of creating the next new fan favourite, such as our Lemon Ricotta.

Our promise to you is that our donuts are made daily, using real ingredients, in our very own kitchen. From our Honey Dip Classic donut to our Oreo Chocolate Vegan donut, there is a perfect treat for everyone.

A world of delicious options awaits you.

The Maverick's Team